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Gingerbread Train Clip Art Set Gingerbread train clipart including gingerbread train cars, Nice train car with gingerbread Santa and Christmas presents, gingerbread girl stringing popcorn garland, gingerbread kid making a snowman, gingerbread couple with gingerbread heart and candy cane, gingerbread lumberjack and trees, sweets with candy canes, lollipops and gum drops, cookies for Santa with Christmas cookies, gingerbread boy with hot cocoa mug and Christmas cupcake, Naughty with black coal, destination North Pole with 3 gingerbread kids, Gingerbread Express engine with gingerbread engineer, letter to Santa at North Pole.. Each clipart image comes in 2 formats, 300 dpi transparent background PNG and 300 dpi JPEG. Personal and Commercial Use Allowed.
12 Clip Art Images in 2 Formats 300 dpi  Transparent Background .PNG & 300 dpi .JPEG
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Gingerbread Train Set
Nice Nice Naughty Naughty popcorn garland popcorn  garland Christmas Trees Christmas Trees Naughty Naughty Nice Nice  hot  cocoa  hot  Cocoa Ginger B. Nice Gingerbread Lane SANTA CLAUS North Pole Destination: North Pole Destination: North Pole 12 Digital Clipart x 2 Formats Gingerbread Train Set Commercial Use Allowed 300 dpi Transparent Background PNG & 300 dpi JPEG Clip    Art by Lisa  SANTA CLAUS North Pole 1.	“Nice” gingerbread Christmas train car with presents and gingerbread santa 	2.	popcorn garland train car with gingerbread girl stringing popcorn 	3.	gingerbread with a snowman train car 	4.	gingerbread girl and boy with heart train car 	5.	gingerbread lumberjack with trees train car 	6.	gingerbread girl sweets train car with gum drops, candy cane & lollipops 	7.	cookies 4 santa train car with Christmas cookies 	8.	letter to Santa Claus at North Pole 	9.	train car with mug of hot cocoa, a Christmas cupcake and gingerbread boy waving 	10.	“Naughty” train car with coal in it 	11.	Destination North Pole train car with 3 gingerbread kids looking out windows 	12.	Gingerbread Express train car made of candy canes, ice cream cone, peppermint candy and gum drops with gingerbread train engineer This set also  available in   Black & White  Outlined Digital  Stamp Clipart Alphabet Letters Americana - 4th of July Angels Bears Baby Baskets Bath-Body-Spa Birds & Birdhouses Birthday Butterflies & Bugs Cabin Camping Fishing Calendar Art Christmas Candles Candy Store Chores Coffee & Beverages Easter Faces Fall - Autumn Farm Flowers & Garden Games Halloween Kitchen Cooking Baking Mother's Father's Day Music Nautical Paper (digital printable) Pigs School Sewing & Crafts Sports Stick Figures St. Patrick's Day Thanksgiving Valentine's Day Wedding Winter